Terminating Prometheus Exporter TLS with Vector

I've recently been digging into using Vector more for collecting telemetry from systems since it can pull from a variety of sources (logs and metrics are what I'm most concerned about) and spit them out to a variety of "sinks"

One of the use cases I have for Vector is to have it aggregate multiple Prometheus exporters on a single host and expose them all under a single port/endpoint. Previously, I used a reverse proxy for this, which had its uses but was also overkill. However, it did provide me with the benefit of putting my exporters behind HTTPS, which I did not know was possible to do with Vector.

Vector's docs for the Prometheus Exporter sink do not mention it at my time of writing this, but Vector actually does support listening for SSL connections on the Prometheus exporter it exposes. To do so, simply add a tls object to your sink's configuration. Example below: